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Project Description

Speakers – Design


An exclusive British audio manufacturer had a problem with two of their new speaker cabinets and asked us to provide them with an accurate digitised reference model of what they had created so they could redesign the speaker grills.
The customer shipped a pair of large speaker cabinets to our offices for scanning with our MCAX Articulated Arm and MMDx100 Laser Scanner to capture a detailed point cloud with an accuracy of +/- 54 microns
The smaller of the cabinets proved to be tricky when scanning the internal features as the access was limited but by changing a few settings to alter the stripe width and focal length we were able to capture all the visible areas.
Once we had created and supplied the .STL mesh to our customer, they were able to design and manufacture a new grill that would fit like a glove!


Project Details

  • Date May 11, 2015
  • Tags Design
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