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Project Description

Skull – SCAN to CAD


A school contacted us asking whether we would be able to scan a model of a skull for educational purposes for an electronics class. By being able to show the students a part, then scan data for that part followed by a final CAD model, the students were able to get a more rounded understanding of Computer Aided Design and how new technology is applied.
We did this using the portable arm scanner (MCAx250 articulated arm and MMDx100 laser probe) as an accuracy of +/-54 microns was more than sufficient for this project. We scanned the skull from two set ups so that we could align the two scans together and have a complete mesh. We then moved this mesh into Geomagic Design X (Our reverse engineering software), here we cleaned up the mesh removing unwanted points and making sure we had a “clean” mesh made up of even sized triangles. This is important in creating a NURBs surface CAD model as you are applying surface patches over the mesh.
This project was reasonably straight forward as we did not have any problems with the scanning process. The arm scanner picked up the surface very well with little noise. Our main difficulties came in modelling the scan data into a NURBs surface CAD model. These difficulties were mainly due to their being quite a few holes in the scan data, which can be easy to fill and bridge but can be quite time consuming.
The school were very pleased to receive the CAD file and use it for the education of their students.


Project Details

  • Date September 25, 2014
  • Tags Education
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