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Military Badge

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Project Description

Military Badge – SCAN to .STL

For this project a customer approached us with a priceless military badge from the Second World War. This Military Enthusiast was part of a re-enactment group. With an eye for authenticity, he thought it would be a nice touch to have 3D printed copies of this military badge on the hats of fellow re-enactors.
To do this there was fine detail on the badge itself. To make sure we didn’t lose any of this detail we used our most accurate scanning system, the LC15DX mounted on the CMM. After having scanned the part and collecting thousands of points, we filtered and triangulated the points to form a mesh STL file, accurate to +/- 10 microns (0.010mm). the STL file is a format specifically created as a file for 3D printing.
To create a 3D printable model the mesh STL file has to be watertight with no holes or gaps. Although there was nothing blocking its line of sight the complex shape of the surface left small holes in the mesh. This was a minor difficulty though as it was not difficult to clean up the mesh and bridge and fill the holes using Geomagic Design X, thanks to its useful powerful tools.
Our client was very pleased with the end result and it gave Reverse Engineering 3D Ltd satisfaction too knowing that the military enthusiasts and re-enactors would appreciate this authentic replica on their headgear..

Project Details

  • Date April 9, 2014
  • Tags Historic

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