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Machine Knives


Project Description

Machine Knives – SCAN to CAD


This Company was looking to reduce its costs and time for producing CAD models for their range of machine knives, circular and straight. This was an important long-term project for this business as they found that the time it took to produce these models usually delayed projects as the parts would need manually measuring and to tight tolerances, they usually used a shadowgraph for most dimensions which didn’t quite have the accuracy they required. With a Laser Scanner being able to measure thousands of points in seconds they recognised the time consuming opportunities here.
We scanned these parts using the CMM and LC15DX laser scanner probe (accurate to +/- 1.9 microns). For the Machine Blades which were straight and the same height we were able to use the same scan program to scan them, which helped reduce the cost and time for our customer. Also since they tended to be the same dimensions all along we only needed to scan a small section of the part to create a full parametric model with feature tree for them.
The only difficulty we came across during this project was that since the blades were reasonably thin it was quite difficult to model the edges of the knife.
Our customer was very satisfied.

Project Details

  • Date September 23, 2014
  • Tags Light Engineering
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