Oil and Gas Seal - Reverse Engineering 3D
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Oil and Gas Seal


Project Description

Gas Seal – SCAN to CAD


We were approached by Sulzer Turbo Services and were asked to reverse engineer 4 different sized oil and gas seals because they had no drawings or models for the part and the ones they had at the time were getting worn.
We scanned them using the LC15DX mounted on the CMM (Coordinated Measuring Machine) as accuracy was particularly important for the part as it had tight tolerances in its function. We then moved the scanned data into Geomagic Design X to begin designing the CAD model, whilst being able to constantly check its deviation from the scanned data to ensure optimum accuracy.
In this project we were hoping that we would be able to write one scan program on the CMM to scan all four of the seals due to their sizes and shape being reasonably similar. Unfortunately the surface varied by more than 18mm which is the working width of the ‘laser line’, so we had to write individual programs for each which was more time consuming. Another difficulty was that the teeth of the seals were so worn it was very difficult to dimension them to their original design intent as they varied all the way around from use.
We were able to overcome the difficulties and provide the customer with what they required.

Project Details

  • Date September 23, 2014
  • Tags Oil and Gas
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