Coffee Capsule - Reverse Engineering 3D
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Coffee Capsule

Scan to Parametric CAD

Project Description

Nespresso Capsule


This new startup business is launching an existing range of alternative fairtrade coffee into the market and chose us to help them reverse engineering an exisiting capsule and make modifications to the design. They will be using the 3D Parametric CAD file created in Geomagic Design X to have a production tool designed and manufactured for plastic injection moulding.
Using our CMM and Nikon LC15Dx laser scanner we wrote a DMIS program to capture the internal and external form of several capsules to create a golden template for us to use in the reverse engineering process. We can also use this program to scan the new capsules once they have been manufactured to check that they match the new CAD data. In Geomagic Design X we used the scan data to build a fully editable 3D model.
At the base of the ring there are hundreds of pyramid features that are used to create a seal when water is passing through the capsule. We were able to scan this intricate detail by writing a program with a 20 micron line spacing and 20 micron point to point resolution which provided us millions of points to an unbeatable accuracy.
By working with our client on this development project we overcome several challenges in the design elements of the capsule and we are pleased to have been involved in this process from start to finish. We are now looking forward to helping Peak Coffee on their next product development project.

Customer comment

“Just been looking through it and comparing it to the other info we have and it looks to me pretty much bang on. We let you know how it goes with the tooling this next few weeks”

Project Details

  • Client Peak Coffee
  • Date April 9, 2014
  • Tags Plastic Moulding
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