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Clothes hanger


Project Description

Clothes hanger – SCAN to CAD


GoTools won a new tooling order for a well known fashion company to recreate their existing clothes hanger as they had made no models or technical drawings and the design had hard to measure freeform surfaces.
By writing a scan program on our CMM we were able to capture all the surface data for reference in Geomagic design X to create a new PARAMETRIC CAD MODEL.
Holding a hanger without it moving. Don’t use the hook! We were able to create our own custom fixture with our kit for holding the hanger in place while allowing maximum access for scanning.
GoTools were delighted with the new model and once the tooling had been designed and manufactured their customer was over the moon when the first new hangers came out of the moulds. we were able to verify the accuracy by using the scanning program to create a 3D global comparison report.

From design, to manufacture, to inspection, we are here to help every step of the way!


Project Details

  • Date March 6, 2015
  • Tags Light Engineering
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