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Chinese Statue

3D Printing

Project Description

Chinese Statue – 3D Printing


Building a solid CAD file used to be very difficult and take a lot of time before reverse engineering properly took off in recent years, it was especially for freeform organic shapes like a sculpture. Our customer had this difficulty and approached us for a solution.
Thanks to the technology of 3D laser scanning we were able to capture the sculptures shape in its entirety and take the information into our reverse engineering package – Geomagic Design X.
Our customer wanted a solid CAD file for this part so that he could get a mould of its shape in order for batch production. We did this by cleaning up the mesh and filling in any of the minor holes in its blind spots (between the crevices), then by carefully making surfaces around the part making sure not to lose any of the detail. This was a really good project for testing the capabilities of our LC15DX Laser Scanner, as the detail on the sculpture was incredibly intricate, and the LC15DX is designed for detail and accuracy (being calibrated at 2.5 microns it is the most accurate laser scanner probe available on the market today).
Our customer was very happy with the outcome.

Project Details

  • Date December 8, 2014
  • Tags 3D Printing
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