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Chester Cathedral

Scan to 3D Printed Model

Project Description

Chester Cathedral – SCAN to .STL

In this project our customer had built a model of Chester Cathedral by hand which had taken him approximately 6-8 weeks. The level of intricacy on this model meant that we were really testing the capabilities of our LC15DX Nikon Scanner in unknown territory. Our customer simply wanted a scaled down version of his model to 3D print.
As you can see in the pictures the model has a very fine level of detail, particularly showing the brickwork of the building and around the windows. This meant in order to get the best results from our scan we had to turn up the resolution of the laser scanner. In scanning this Cathedral we found difficulties, due to the laser working on line of sight, we came across some blindspots. However thanks to the very powerful reverse engineering package we have – Geomagic Design X, we were able to patch up these blind spots and use information from elsewhere on the model to replicate the Cathedrals design.
After showing the customer our results and consulting his needs we scaled the mesh of his model down to his desired size, and presented him with the file ready for 3D printing as he wished.

Project Details

  • Client Chester Cathedral
  • Date April 9, 2014
  • Tags Art
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