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Brass Handles


Project Description



Another laser scanning company contacted us to help them with an important restoration project where they were having difficulty capturing the intricate detailing on the historic handle.
Our Nikon LC15DX was able to capture more detail than the articulated arm they were using. The Nikon provides us with an extremely large point cloud as we can control the number of points on the laser line down to 28 microns and line spacing down to 10 microns, all with an accuracy of +/- 5 microns
We managed to overcome the two difficulties with this job rather easily. The customer had problems capturing a clean mesh from the handle due to the shiny gold plated finish and they couldn’t use a powder coating to help. But our Nikon scanners are able to scan almost any surface and finish and capture a clean point cloud.
Once we optimised the triangulated mesh for 3D printing our customer was able to produce a fantastic wax model which would be used in the lost wax process to create new handles which are all identical to the originals.


Project Details

  • Date June 17, 2015
  • Tags Historic
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