Scale Lotus Engine Block - Reverse Engineering 3D
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Scale Lotus Engine Block


Project Description

Lotus Engine Block – SCAN to CAD

James Martin of Firmrater Ltd approached us for help on his new business venture of producing a range of engine related scale components and ultimately scale model decorative engines for enthusiasts. Laser Scanning was chosen to start work on the first project which was to create a ¼ scale 1982 Lotus 912 Engine Block by CNC machining an aluminium block.
Using our Nikon MCAx and MMDx100 scanner we captured all the external profiles and features of the original engine which we used as reference to reverse engineer a fully Parametric 3D CAD model as some slight modifications would be required to enable machining such fine detail at a small size.
Although the scanning of the original engine only took 3 hours to complete the real work on this project was creating the Parametric model for James. Johnathan spent hours on hours working from home creating this masterpiece and the feedback from our customer is a great credit to our success and we cannot wait to start the next model.
“The engine is absolutely stunning! It has come out even better than I imagined possible. It is a true work of art. Thank you again for all you work on the CAD, you have created something very special”

Project Details

  • Date November 12, 2014
  • Tags Light Engineering
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