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Joel Brasher-Jones

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I’m Joel Brasher-Jones….

My Name is Joel and I am an engineering graduate from London.

I gained my degree from Brunel University in Sports Technology then completed my PG Cert at Sheffield Hallam University in Sports Engineering. I have come to ‘Reverse Engineering 3D’ having previous experience of scanning and reverse engineering, where I have been taught Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages such as Unigraphics NX and Solidworks.

As technology is ever improving, I believe that having 3D data to design from is very important, especially with 3D printing now becoming more feasible for companies and individuals. Having said that it is not just CAD knowledge that makes a Design Engineer, it is also knowledge of materials, production processes and manufacturing to name but a few desired skills.

I am a firm believer of lifelong learning which makes me ambitious and also wanting to learn new programs and skills.

Joel Brasher-Jones

Design Engineer
I like most sports so when I am not at my computer, I try and get out and play as many as I can. I have a particular fondness for rugby, where I am training to be a referee and also playing for a local team. I also enjoy football and golf, where I am also looking to improve my handicap at local courses around Sheffield.
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