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Carolyn Ekins

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I’m Carolyn Ekins ….

I’m Carolyn Ekins, 49 years old, and I joined the Laser Scanning team in 2014 as ‘Digital Media Coordinator’.

My passions and interests include all forms of modern media and how people and business communicate using these methods and I’m very interested in the psychology behind it all. Although I have a huge interest in simplicity, at the other end of the scale, I love technology and how fast we continue to evolve in this sphere. Anything seems possible..

In the past 10 years I’ve felt very lucky to have worked with many wonderful people and some great non-profits and causes in a volunteer capacity which has included fundraising and marketing for signature events in Canada where I also worked for a Media Group/ Newspaper and my interest of modern media evolved further.

My other passions include blogging, historical cuisine and food photography and over the years have re-created hundreds of authentic wartime recipes online which are often referenced by schools all over the UK as part of the National Curriculum on WW2.

Other interests include events, documentaries, criminology, psychology, social experiments, home-front during WW2, nature, self-sufficiency, trees, music, reading, the internet and laughing and I love to travel with my partner, everywhere and often.

My bucket list is never ending. It’s good to wake up really looking for forward to another day whatever it may bring!

Carolyn Ekins

Brand and Marketing
My interests include technology, blogging, food photography, historical cuisine, psychology, criminology, self sufficiency, having a laugh, reality TV shows, design and video, photography, reading non-fiction and travelling
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