About our reverse engineering services
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About us and what makes us different

About us. First and foremost we are a 100% employee owned business, a fact we are immensely proud of.  Each member of staff owns a share of the business and their passion, drive and ambition not only delivers great customer service but gives each individual an opportunity to get something back for the hard work they put in.  It allows staff to have the feeling of working for themselves and really getting involved in the financial performance of the business as if it were their own.

Our 3D reverse engineering expertise is what really sets us apart as we have accumulated vast knowledge of high precision tooling and product development over many years always working with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment available. We also promote Nikon 3D Laser Scanning equipment and work in partnership with their technical sales team to assist with a sub-contract laser scanning service.

With our engineering background and precision tool making partner GoTools Ltd we offer a laser scanning services to verify extremely tight tolerance tooling. Understanding how high tolerance parts fit and function we appreciate why accuracy is so important in delivering products which are right first time.

We also love to solve technical challenges so if you have a product or process issue that needs resolving please give us a call and I’m sure we will be able to help.



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