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High precision scan accuracy up to 1.9 microns (2σ). | Quick scan accurate to 54 microns (2σ)

Our experienced team of laser scanning and reverse engineering technicians can discuss your individual requirements or simply browse the site and case studies which shows how our technology can help you with your projects. We have technicians with mobile laser scanning equipment that can visit your site.

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Objects and components are scanned using either high accuracy CMM laser scanning or hand held scanning depending on the accuracy required and the geometric form of the CAD file. The scanned data which is presented as a detailed point cloud is fused together to create a surface model of the part. Again depending on the accuracy and detail required we can supply a basic shrink wrap surface model, hybrid model or full parametric model including feature tree and design intent.
This is the most accurate precision laser scanning available and our Nikon LC15Dx laser scanner is accurate to +/- 5 microns. The point cloud data collected is extremely dense so intricate or highly accurate features are reproduced in exact form in the fused scan data. For high precision laser scanning the laser beam is much smaller (~18mm) so it does takes longer to scan the part. CMM laser scanning is also limited to the size of the granite work surface so it is difficult and costly to scan larger objects over 350mm x 450mm
Portable and laser scanners have differing accuracy depending how far the hand held scanner is used from the articulated arm base unit and an accuracy of 54 microns (2σ) should be expected.
The main advantage is the ease of scanning and the time it takes to scan the object so this a far more cost effective way of gathering a point cloud if the accuracy level is acceptable. Hand held scanning is also portable so scanning can be done on site and even outdoors.


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